Old West Florida Primitive Baptist Association
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Duties of Committees

 ***These Duties Apply to the Association, Church School Convention, and the Annual Union***

Ways & Means Committee

The Ways & Means Committee makes recommendations to encourage our leadership and members’ spiritual and financial growth. They also identify and support creative fundraising activities that seek to build our sense of community as much as they provide funds for the Association.

Necrology Committee

The Necrology Committee provides a report of all deceased enrolled Association members who died during the previous Association year. The Necrology Committee makes their report to Association during the Memorial Service.

Divine Worship Committee

The Divine Worship Committee submits the recommendations of all pastors, churches, and alternates for the upcoming Association program. The Divine Worship Committee is a Standing Committee.

Temperance Committee

The Temperance Committee makes recommendations to the Association as it relates to the conduct and behavior of members during Association services and meetings.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee makes recommendations as it relates to all advertising for the Association via newspaper, radio, television, internet, and/or U.S. Mail concerning all upcoming events of the Association.

Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee reviews all financial reports for accountability, clarity, and accounting purposes. The Auditing Committee is a Standing Committee.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is in charge of the educational enhancement of the Association by providing workshops, retreats, etc. Also instructs in the Training Institute. They also make recommendations to the Association concerning all education possibilities for the members of the Association. The Education Committee is a Standing Committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of the Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, and Treasurer. This committee is responsible for collecting and accurately counting, recording, disbursing, and depositing all funds received by the Association.

Building Fund Committee

The Building Fund Committee consists of the Building Fund Secretary and the Building Fund Assistant Secretary. This committee is responsible for collecting, recording, disbursing, and depositing all funds collected for the Enrichment Center.