Old West Florida Primitive Baptist Association
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Women Congress Cabinet

   Mother Helen Franklin                          Mother Patricia Mayes
    President of The Women Congress                                       Vice President of the Women Congress
Welcome to the Old West Florida Primitive Baptist Association website. We’re delighted that you stopped by. As President of the Women’s Congress, an Auxiliary of the Old West Florida Primitive Baptist Association it is my pleasure to extend to you an invitation to become an active member of the Women Congress.  The Women’s Congress membership is comprised of Women from the 36 churches of our Association.  These churches are listed on the website. 
Our goal is to bring glory and honor to God our Father and Jesus our Savior. We desire to live according to his examples and precepts while rendering service to our fellowman.   


Old West Florida Primitive Baptist Association
Women Congress Officers
President     Mother Helen Franklin
Vice-President  Mother Patricia Mayes
Recording Secretary    Mother Sharon Polite
Assistant Recording Secretary    Sister Emma Hill
Chairman of Finance       Sister Bernice Harris
Financial Secretary     Mother Thelma Washington
Assistant Financial Secretary    Mother Rosa Jefferson
Marshall                                                     Mother Mae Williams
Emeritus Officers
Financial Secretary Emeritus Mother Emma Hayes
Mother and Deaconess Board
President Emeritus Mother Allie Taylor-Grant
Women’s Congress
President Emeritus Mother Oretha Anderson
President Emeritus Sister Lanie Chukes
Vice President Emeritus Sister Luetta Thompson 
Auxiliary Officers
 Minister’s Wives
President   Mother Bertha Ward
Vice- President Mother Shelia Randolph
Recording Secretary 
Mother Sharon Snelling
Assistant Recording Secretary Mother Beverly Jefferson
Financial Secretary Mother Jewlanda Fagg
Chaplain  Mother Pamela Davis
Mothers and Deaconess Board
President Mother Dorothy Henry
Vice –President Mother Gladys Caswell
Secretary Mother Vitalis Dennis
Financial Secretary
Assistant Financial Secretary
Mother Thelma Washington
Mother Channie Collins
Treasurer Mother Agatha Muse-Salters
President Mother Yvonne Dorsey
Vice-President Sister Diane Johnson
Recording Secretary Mother Gloria McBride
Assistant Recording Secretary Sister
Financial Secretary Sister Sylvia Collins
Assistant Financial Secretary Sister Josie Smith
President Mother Twanna Jackson
Vice-President Mother Betty Jones
Secretary  Mother Lonnie Wheeler
Financial Secretary     Mother Annie Barber
Treasurer Mother Pamela Davis
Women of the Church
President Sister Connie Davis
Vice-President  Sister Alice Trent
Secretary  Sister Bernice Harris
Assistant Recording Secretary  Sister Cathy White
Treasurer Sister Freddie Ash
Ushers Guild
President Sister Angela Hutchinson
Vice-President Mother Gladys Jackson
Secretary Sister Velinda Cofield
Assistant Secretary Sister Suzaanne Collins
Health and Wellness Ministry
Chairperson                                                       Mother Virginia Browning
Co-Chairperson                                                  Sister Glenique Hampshire
Mother Channie Collins
Women Congress President of Church School Convention 
Mother Dorothy Henry
Women Congress Vice President of Church School Convention